Our Commitment

The quality management system put in place by the quality control officer is continuously reviewed to improve the processes and procedures of the company in line with JILAC’s quality commitments outlined below;

  • To develop and maintain a quality management system which satisfies the requirements of ISO9001:2008
  • To provide all employees with the training, resources and support needed to provide quality works and services to customers.
  • To properly communicate the quality policy and quality objectives to all employees
  • To establish strong relationships with both clients and suppliers that will contribute to improving the quality of what is provided and purchased.
  • To establish an environment that attracts quality people and supports the production and delivery of high-quality works/products and services.
  • To foster the concept of a team approach within the organisation based on increasing the company’s competitiveness by way of improved quality and productivity.
  • Use the best quality products from reputable suppliers
  • Use the best qualified and resourced sub-contractors
  • Meet standards and legislative requirements to enable JILAC to compete in government projects

We at JILAC pays particular attention to the quality of works are we provide and dedicated to achieving the commitments outlined above, because we are fully convinced that, only by doing this, that our goal of long-term success, sustained improvements and increase volumes of projects and services through client’s referrals are guaranteed.